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2016 Annual Event

2016 Annual Event

Every year, the San Patricio County Economic Development corporation hosts an Annual Event. It is the largest networking dinner celebration within the county. Our partners came together to commemorate the highlights of the year with a focus on one vital part of the community; education in our county. We have some of the best educators, school boards and districts that create the future of our workforce. Our event speakers were Sam and Catherine Susser. They spoke on education and what business leaders look for when our young folk enter the work force. We had a poem reading by Mr. Kippy. Opening the ceremony were a few words from the Governor of Texas, Gregg Abbott. One award for each of the seven school districts, the Library system and the Adult Literacy Council.

A special donation was given to the Adult Literacy Council of San Patricio County as a result of this event to ensure that all are within reach of a great education.

Thank you for joining us!

We appreciate our partners for the sponsorships that made this event possible. Thank you for supporting us.

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