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Board of Directors

San Patricio County Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors collectively make decisions regarding the direction of our organization. This board meets on a bi-monthly basis. Executive Committee members work in close coordination with EDC to oversee organization operations. The Executive Committee meets once a month. Executive Committee board members are listed in bold-face type.

 Board of Directors:

Steve Connor, Chairman
 Rick Ritter, 1st Vice Chair
Marshall Davidson, 2nd Vice Chair
Harold Ashley, Secretary

 Rebecca Klaevemann, Treasurer
 Jo Ann Ehmann - Ex-Officio
 Wes Atwood - Executive Committee
 John Green - Executive Committee
 Will Nichols - Exectuive Commitee
 Oscar Adame
 Bob Barger
 Jonas Chupe
 Dr. Paul Clore
 Vicki Daniels
 Roy DeBolt
 Pat Doherty
 Doug Dowler
 Jane Gimler
 Jesse Falcon
 Marc Hartzendorf
 Wes Hoskins
 John Hobson
 Pedro Lopez
 Tom Moore
 Fernando Quintanilla
 Donnie Riojas
 Tim Rogers
 Della Seal
 County Judge Terry Simpson
 Denise Thompson
 Rosemary Vega
 Colette Walls
 Celestino Zambrano