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San Patricio County and the Global Economy
San Patricio County, a primarily rural area within the Corpus Christi region, is located in deep South Texas. Locally we are a compilation of nine small cities connected to the rest of the world by the Port of Corpus Christi and the international highway system. Our economic history is a reflection of our natural landscape and resources. The county is home to numerous traditional ranches and rural communities on our northern end, and a thriving industrial port zone on our southern and eastern boundaries.

San Patricio County is located near the geographic center of North America, in South Texas, on the Gulf of Mexico coastline. The county is less than 200 miles (300 kilometers) from the international border with Mexico.

Our industries include an energy sector that impacts world markets, agriculture that feeds and clothes millions of people and maritime industries that keep the country’s fifth busiest port running smoothly and efficiently.

In the last ten years, the county has strengthened foreign trade relations with Latin America and Asia. Ongoing expansion of the Panama Canal means larger, higher-volume maritime traffic between the eastern U.S., the Gulf Coast, Asian ports like Tianjin, China, the world’s fourth busiest and Colombia’s Palmero Port Society, both of which the Port of Corpus Christi has entered into trade agreements.

Our relevance to international markets is in the chemical, manufacturing, oil, gas and agriculture industries.

International steel companies located in San Patricio County originate from China (Tianjin Pipe Company) and Austria (voestalpine). These, in addition to domestic companies such as Cheniere Energy (Corpus Christi Liquefaction, LLC) connect us to international hub destinations such as Spain, Austria, Central America, Australia and Indonesia. Together, these three companies are investing more than $15 billion in business development in San Patricio County over the next five years. Other major companies in San Patricio County conducting international business include Gulf Marine Fabricators, Kiewit, Sherwin Alumina, Chemours, Oxy Energy, Oxy Petroleum, and Flint Hills Resources.

When we ask our companies why they chose San Patricio County as their preferred location to do business, this is what they had to say:

Matt Pastl, voestalpine, Austria –

“Finding the perfect location for a cutting-edge iron ore processing plant is not an easy task. Relevant location criteria include reliable supply of competitively priced natural gas, access to a deep sea port, well-trained workforce and favorable soil conditions. In addition, the location has to be in a predictable and stable legal and political environment. There is one site which stood out of the 17 assessed locations worldwide. This unique place is San Patricio County where we found what we were looking for. The level of professionalism is exceptional and the people in San Patricio County have become not only reliable business partners but also like a family.”

“Bei einem richtigen Standort für eine Direktreduktionsanlage müssen viele Dinge stimmen: günstig und stabil verfügbares Erdgas, Zugang zu einem Tiefseehafen, gut ausgebildete Arbeitskräfte und eine gute Bodenbeschaffenheit sind nur einige Kriterien, die erfüllt werden müssen. Zusätzlich muss sich der Standort noch in einem politisch und rechtlich sicheren und stabilen Umfeld befinden. Aus den weltweit 17 geprüften Standorten hat sich San Patricio County klar als Favorit herauskristallisiert. Schnell war klar, dass hier an der Golfküste nicht nur die „Hardfacts“ sondern auch die „Softfacts“ stimmen. Die hohe Professionalität und die positive Einstellung gegenüber moderner Industrie ist beeindruckend. Wir sind stolz Teil dieser großen Familie zu sein.”

For more information about our industries or to find opportunities for your business to expand in our area, please contact us.

Robbin Goodman, TPCO America, China –
“Many factors went into the decision for TPCO to expand into San Patricio County. Some of the decision factors included affordable utilities including electric power, natural gas, industrial gases, and water. The acreage of the new TPCO America site is located in an industrial zone with a reasonable buffer zone. The San Patricio County area is pro industry, which made acceptance and support for the project easy to achieve. The schools in the area were ready to build partnerships to ensure we have the trained workforce we need.”

“以很多因素来帮助我们决定到San Patricio 县去扩大。有的决定因素包括付得起的事业,这也包括电子设备、天然气、工业气体、和水。新TPCO America 的地理位置在德州的产业带,也有一个很合理的缓冲地带。由于San Patricio 县是鼓励发展产业的,因此它可以让这个计划很容易得到发展和支持。当地的学校为了保证我们拥有足够的技术知识,为我们需要的员工培训,做好了准备来建立伙伴”

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