Roads / Highways

FM 1069 and State Highway 361 (Annual Average Daily Traffic = 16,000)
FM 1069 and State Highway 361 provide access to San Patricio’s major industrial sector and some of the most coveted commercial real estate in the region. The two roads provide access to waterfront properties that are already industrialized, such as Kiewit, Gulf Marine and Flint Hills, as well as private property along the Gulf Intercoastal Waterway with developmental potential. Highway 361 runs parallel to the ship channel and is the county’s primary industrial corridor.

Proposed Highway
Texas Highway 200 or Ingleside Industrial Highway Corridor is a proposed 2-mile stretch of new highway that would connect SH 361 to FM 1069. SH 200 will provide direct access to FM 1069 without having to go through the middle of Ingleside. FM 1069 leads to FM 2725 providing access to major industries. As proposed the highway would have two travel lanes in each direction and 10-foot shoulders on each side.

Interstate 37 (Annual Average Daily Traffic = 52,000)
I-37 starts at the GulfCoast near the San Patricio County border and heads northwest towards San Antonio, where it merges with other large interstates including Interstate 10. I-37 links San Patricio County based companies to central and northern regions of Texas and subsequently the entire United States. It provides direct access to the Port of Corpus Christi via the Joe Fulton Trade Corridor, and is a major artery for the transportation of crude oil and natural gas.

US Highway 77 (Annual Average Daily Traffic = 16,000)
US 77 runs north and south from the Rio Grande River through the central / eastern portion of Texas and into Oklahoma. It is one of the most highly traversed roadways in the county and is a straight shot to the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, hitting many small to medium-sized Texas communities along the way. Several portions of the highway that run through San Patricio have been widened in recent years, in light of increased 18-wheeler traffic – an indicator that business in South Texas is booming. It is the only highway to run through Kennedy County, home of the enormous King Ranch – one of the largest in the world. The future route of I-69E is expected to follow US 77 in most places.

State Highway 188 (Annual Average Daily Traffic = 9,400 on eastern end of county)
SH 188 is an east / west highway in San Patricio, stretching from Mathis on the western end of the county to the Gulf of Mexico near Port Aransas on the eastern border. It provides trucking access to San Antonio and beyond, and also acts as a means of access to major industrial areas for locals who live in other areas of San Patricio. SH 188 begins at an intersection with US 37 on the west, and runs in a near straight line to the east, splitting San Patricio County in northern and southern halves.

US Highway 181 (Annual Average Daily Traffic = 48,000) 
US 181, one of the original federally approved highways, was built in November of 1926 and still directly services most of the communities in rural San Patricio. The route parallels US 37, and runs through Karnes City and the heart of the Eagle Ford Shale Play area. SH 181 connects the local communities and is used heavily by those in the agribusiness and wind energy industries. SH 181 provides companies and their employees with access to mechanics, grocery stores, restaurants, machine shops, schools, housing and lodging, and supports many of the pop-up businesses that have resulted from a recent economic incline. The highway is marked with stoplights and small towns, and is ideal for locating small to mid-sized businesses. Highway 181, particularly in central San Patricio County, is a great location for site selectors looking to build new subdivisions, providing quick access to already existing residential areas, schools and major work sites. It also serves as a connector to Victoria (Population 62,592, 1 hour drive) and Houston (Population 2.2 million, 3 hour drive) to the north, and Laredo (Population 236,191, 2.5 hour drive) and the Mexican border to the south.

Interstate 69
The brand new Interstate 69 (I-69) consists of several specially approved stretches of existing highway, of interstate grade, that link other designated interstates. In areas of South Texas, portions of highway are now designated as I-69. One such area is the interchange between I-37 and US 77. The new interstate allows interstate quality sections of US59, US77, and US281 to be signed as I-69 regardless of whether or not they connect to other interstate highways. The purpose is to create a more seamless corridor for north / south travel and trade through North America.

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