The San Patricio Municipal Water District is the wholesale water provider for most of the county’s communities, as well as industrial employers in San Patricio. They work with each of their customers to dependably provide the water needed to support continuous manufacturing process operations. Customers include voestalpine, Chemours, Gregory Power, OxyChem-Ingleside and Ingleside Co-Gen.

The water district remains focused on finding ways to conserve water to ensure an ample supply for future generations. For example, the district is currently working with veostalpine, a steel manufacturing company that has opted to use bay water for their cooling process, saving 6 million gallons of water per day.
 The district has developed a set of three different treatment facilities that allow them to produce water to specifications set by each industrial customer. This includes potable or drinking quality water, highly polished water from a microfiltration plant and clarified water.

In separate systems the district also provides raw water, as it comes from the river, and treated municipal wastewater for reuse in dust control and irrigation. This “made to order” service is possible in part because the District’s complex is located in close proximity to the heavy industrial operations situated near the La Quinta Ship Channel on Corpus Christi Bay. These customers get just the grade of water they need and pay for the combination water and treatment services they use.

Recent Facility Upgrades
 In 1998, the district began investing $39 million in infrastructure and expansion projects to better serve industries. Planners projected correctly that a significant part of the region’s future growth would come at the eastern end of the district’s service area – Gregory, Ingleside and Portland. The district took a proactive approach to expansion by creating Project 2008, now under construction, which will increase district water treatment capacity and build new pipelines to better meet current and future needs.

 The district continually works with its regional partners and participates in state-sponsored regional water planning programs. On occasion it has explored water supply options on its own, particularly the investigation of brackish and fresh groundwater alternatives. This includes sustainable groundwater resources in Bee, Refugio and San Patricio counties that could be investigated further if needed in the future.

San Patricio Municipal Water District contacts:
Brian Williams
General Manager  

Don Roach
Assistant General Manager

Jake Krumnow
Operations/Maintenance Manager

Rebecca Klaevemann
Administrative Services Manager

 San Patricio Municipal Water District website: http://www.sanpatwater.com/news.php

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