Why San Patricio County

Economically Diverse

San Patricio County is economically diverse, ranging from big industry to small local mom and pop shops to an array of retail, both local and chain.  The county comprises 9 cities ranging from agricultural farmlands to coastal living.

International Transportation Access

At the heart of the coastal bend, San Patricio has prime access to two ports, the Port of Corpus Christi and the port of Aransas, both accessed through the Laquinta channel. This pro industry county is a key location in import/exports via interstate highway, rails, and sea. The region’s vast energy resources include ample local supplies of natural gas, a modern industrial electrical grid, and fuels supplied by one of the most vibrant refining regions in the United States.

Hospitable Business Climate

Additionally, San Patricio County offers a hospitable business climate with low costs of land, labor, and taxes. For recreation, the county is ideal and known for having some of the best bird-watching locations, excellent fishing—rich of coastal wetlands, fruitful with wildlife both aquatic and terrestrial.

Well Educated Workforce

The county also has excellent school districts and embodies a great sense of community. Neighbor to the city of Corpus Christi, where Texas A&M University,  Del mar college, and the Craft Training Center are located, these institutions provide a well-educated workforce available to appease any incoming company. 

Gulf Coast Growth Ventures is proud to be in San Patricio County, a great location for our world-scale petrochemical facility, with access to rail, waterways, and workforce.
Paul Fritsch, Plant Manager, Gulf Coast Growth Ventures
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